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After graduating from Oxford with a degree in Applied Mathematics - Nick Piper decided to take a year off to make ski films in the French Alps.

Undeterred by the fact he had no real filmmaking experience, he brazenly opened ‘Mogul Movies’, a one-man production company. Inspired by the breathtaking scenery and beautiful light Nick set about filming and editing promos and action sequences. And with no other gigs in town, it wasn’t long before Mogul Movies was in high demand shooting several projects a day. Nick was working around the clock and having so much fun as a startup filmmaker that when the snow melted at the end of the season and it was time to go back home to London, instead of taking the cushy banking job JP Morgan was holding for him - Nick decided to continue along his exciting new career path to see where it would take him.

The next stop was Los Angeles, where an analytical education and natural instincts for problem-solving helped build an impressive body of work as a VFX director. It wasn’t long before Nick was working on high-end Superbowl commercials and music videos for artists including Madonna, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Jackson. He even made a guest appearance on NBC, explaining to a primetime TV audience how he created the groundbreaking effects for an award winning Pepsi spot.

As he started to get more and more involved in the human side of storytelling, Nick found himself gravitating to ideas that added a surreal twist to an otherwise ordinary situation - often combining authentic characters with extraordinary visuals to discover the absurd humor in everyday reality.  A couple of hundred projects later and Nick has directed ads for a host of high profile brands including Pepsi, Google, Goodyear, Coors, and Budweiser as well as a fleet of automobiles including Range Rover, Cadillac, Ford, Hyundai, Chevy, GMC, Nissan and Toyota.

Whether it’s a quirky visual effect, an unexpected plot twist, an action drama, or a heartwarming human moment, Nick brings a fresh point of view and kid-on-a-ski-slope enthusiasm to everything he directs.